WTF is storytelling?!

Creating engaging content is simply telling a story in a way people want to listen to.

To be honest, there's not much difference between B2B and B2C on the storytelling level.
In the end, you're trying to engage human beings.

There are a lot of books written about it and even more podcasts. The main question is how to get your audience to care about what you have to say? Well, for us, it boils down to several key factors.

  • Make it personal

    Show your audience you are not treating them like cogs in a corporate machine. Instead, treat them like human beings.

    So, talk to them in a way they want to be spoken to about what they care about.

  • Know your audience

    Having a detailed marketing persona is swell and all, but do you know how and where they consume your content?

    For example, did you know that currently 60% of B2B tech buyers are millennials? What do you think they want to watch? Where?

  • Light’em up

    Be creative. B2B decision-makers are bored. Imagine being flooded with B2B ads, explainers, and brand videos that all look the same.

    "81 percent of business buyers believe they'd make better decisions if B2B advertising did a better job engaging them.”

    Check out the research.
  • KISS

    Keep it simple, stupid. Don’t overcomplicate your story. The fewer messages you want to convey, the more likely they will be remembered.

    Have a lot to say? Spread it out between shorter and simpler videos.

    Use plain language and avoid marketing jargon. People are allergic to that.

  • Don’t be afraid of emotions

    There’s a lot to unpack here. When buying, your customers usually have to decide between several similar options. Right?

    With that impossible choice, they choose the brand they like the most.

    But on a personal level, viewers will simply enjoy your content more if it makes them feel.

  • When in doubt, use humor

    It’s a no-brainer. Laughter releases serotonin. You know, the “feel good hormone”?

    It’s a simple trick to make your audience engage with the content more, remember it, and generally make your brand likable.

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